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[PROMOTION] spend 5000 yen and get 1 official group shop photo free (CLOSED)

Dear all,

Good News!!
A new promotion has come back!
With every 5000 yen spent (on a single transaction), you'll be entitled to get 1 free official group JE shop photo.
Photos given will be random, but the group will be based on which pre-order did you make.
meaning, if you make a pre-order of Kis-My-Ft2 concert goods, you'll get Kis-My-Ft2 group photo.
To make it clear, please read the example bellow.

Order placed:
Kis-My-Ft2: 11000 yen
KAT-TUN: 7500 yen
Free Gift: 2 Kis-My-Ft2 group shop photo, 1 KAT-TUN group shop photo.

Pre-Orders that are eligible to get this free gift are as follows:
- Kis-My-Ft2 2014 Kis-My-Journey Concert Goodies; DUE DATE: 05 November 2014
- KAT-TUN 2014 Come Here Concert Goodies; DUE DATE:14 November 2014
Tags: [ promotion ], abc-z, hey! say! jump, kat-tun, kis-my-ft2

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